HyColour PRO

Finally, a complete colour grading solution for FCPX. All of HyColour and so much more. No need to round trip to Resolve or other tools. Familiar Lightroom and Aperture style user interface.

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A really neat colour grading tool for FCPX that brings white balance, exposure, green cast removal, saturation, colour bias, sharpening and a broadcast safe filter, together in one plugin.

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Replica BBC TopGear FCPX Transitions. Using original and bespoke artwork, this transition pack replicates the looks used in Series 17 and 18 of the BBC programme.

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An FCPX plugin that instantly adds dramatic sky effects to your sequences. Infinitely customisable, HySky will give your footage added drama and that TopGear style.

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What people are saying about HY-FX products:

Amazingly, these are all real quotes!

"We use your HY-FX transitions for both our ATV and Snowmobile shows which air internationally. We really enjoy them."
"Very nice plug in. You can't go wrong. In fact, it almost negates the need for the color board. Fast renders and high quality."
"Your plug in is simple but powerful, well thought out and intuitive. It is clearly created by an editor, not a technician. Excellent work."
I love your plugin. I'm a professional feature film editor - and it works beautifully to quickly color grade.
"Love your grading suite and use it for preference over Resolve!"
"I was really struggling with colour correction in Final Cut, however, I downloaded your plug-in yesterday and it's changed my editing life!"
"May I say that I find your plug-in (HyColour) for FCPX invaluable! It is truly fantastic! Well done."
"It took me a 1/4 of the time to correct footage that I was given, saving me a bunch of time and stress. Thanks for making a smart plugin at a reasonable price!"
"Bought HyColour PRO, it's very, very, VERY useful!"
"This is awesome... giving me back control of my colour... it feels WAY more natural to me than the colour board."
"I've already used it for one of my projects and it changed the overall look from good to BEST!"

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The HY-FX Super Bundle


HyGear and HySky Bundle